The Profit Partners™

The goal of the program is to help partners of law firms to achieve $1 Million profit each while working less than 20 hours per week so they no longer trade time for money while ensuring happy clients. 

✘ Lawyer First, Business Owner Second✔ Strategic Advisor & Business Innovator
✘ Complex, Manual Processes✔ Simplified, Automated Workflows
✘ Reactive Task Management✔ Proactive, Priority-Driven Task System
✘ Stagnant Tech & Operational Tools✔ Cutting-Edge Tech Stack & Efficient 
✘ Overworked Days, Limited Growth✔ Substantial Growth w/Minimal Work Days
✘ Incremental Improvement Focus✔ Exponential Growth & Efficiency Mindset
✘ More Staff Eating Away Profits✔ Less Staff & More Revenue + Cash
✘ Burnt Out / Stressed Out         ✔ Love Your business + Have More Time


Designed for law firm partners already generating over $1M, trapped in a cycle of endless tasks with low value clients. Ideal for those ready to pivot towards a business model focusing on high-value services and clients, moving from working in the business to strategic oversight. Not suited for those resistant to adopting new technologies, workflows, and mindset shifts.


This method enables you to achieve three things:

    1. Grow profits from each job and clients, without adding more work (More Profit

    1. Have lower costs and more cash in the bank without more work (More Cash)

    1. Achieve Sustainable growth without stuck in operation (More time)

Make Things Run Smoother

Check and Improve: We’ll take a close look at how your firm works, find where things could be better, and discover how to make more money without extra hassle. It’s about working smarter, not harder, to make your firm lean and profitable.

Smart Workflows: We’ll set up systems that sort out your daily tasks, so you and your team can focus on the big wins. This means less time on the small stuff and more time making a big impact for your clients and your bottom line.

Boost Your Earnings

Keep Track of Success: We use a smart system to watch over the important stuff that shows how well the firm is doing. This lets us make smart choices, focus on what works, and keep the cash flowing in.

Fair Pricing: We’ll help you price your services in a way that reflects the real value you provide. This isn’t just about charging more; it’s about showing clients the true worth of your expertise, making them happier and your firm more profitable.

Report and Grow

Stay Informed: We’ll keep an eye on both the money coming in and other key signs of success, giving you regular updates. This means you’ll always know where you stand and what needs tweaking.

Monthly Insights: Expect a monthly catch-up from us, highlighting your wins, what could be better, and how we’re tracking towards our goals together. It keeps everything transparent and helps us plan the next big steps.


Stick with us, put in a consistent effort, and here’s what could happen:

In 90 Days: Imagine having at least 10 extra hours each week because we’ve made your workload lighter.

In One Year: You could be looking at a 25 to 50% jump in profits, all while sticking to the same client list.

What We Need from You

This might sound straightforward, but it’s not a walk in the park. We need you to think differently—focus on efficiency over busyness, dedicating 2-4 hours a week to our strategy.

Sure, it’s less work than figuring it out on your own, thanks to our experience with over dozens of trials. But, success comes from putting in quality effort, not just more hours.

Keen to Know More?

If your firm makes at least $1M a year and you already keep tabs on your work somehow, drop me a message saying “Interested.” Let’s take your practice to the next stage together.